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And not just the election rhetoric!

Trash collectors in Chile have been on strike. It started in Valparaiso and spread to Santiago. Over the past week the trash has been piling up and getting out of hand. Ever street corner has a mini mountain like this one.

Smells just as bad as it looks.

Smells just as bad as it looks.

The same crap happens in Uruguay every year around Christmastime and the opening of high season, as the trash men there try to make it as inconvenient as they possibly can in the hopes they get a pay raise. Here, the strike comes right before the presidential elections, either in the hope that the current president gives them a generous parting gift of higher wages (not likely) or, more likely, it is all an orchestrated event banking that Michelle Bachelet, the new more left-leaning president they hope to elect, uses it as an opportunity to give lip service not only to the socialist cause but also uses it to look magnanimous and problem-solver-esque. Because she dropped the ball on all the other initiatives she did in her last term, like FUBAR’ing public transportation and FUBAR’ing the post-quake reconstruction.

ExpatBob’s infinite wisdom is as follows (and this worked in Curitiba, Brazil, by the way): Fire all the garbage collectors and post a reward per bag of trash brought to the dump. Every square inch of Santiago will be spotless within a few days, will remain so for the forseeable future, and there will never be garbage strikes ever again.


Union Parasites kill the Host(ess)

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Food, News, Stupidity
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“Hostess Brands, the bankrupt maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, has sought court permission to close its business after failing to reach agreement with thousands of striking bakery workers,” reads this article in the Guardian.

The first part that boggles me is that a business must now ask permission to close down? What?!?

“Sorry, Dear Leader. We’re broke. Can’t pay these people, can’t keep production. Can we close down?”

“Nonsense! You didn’t build that. Keep the Twinkies rolling!”

18,500 people will lose their jobs, because, frankly, they didn’t want to work them anyways and thought it would be cute to go on strike and demand more than they deserve. In essence, they killed their own jobs. 33 plants will be shut down. Good move, dummies! You wanted it good and hard and now you’re getting it good and hard. Wonder what you’ll do with all that lack of money coming in once it dawns on you that you failed in negotiating your wages higher because they couldn’t go any higher? Get used to the smell of dog food. Twinkies are too good for the likes of you.

I was wondering when stuff like this would start happening. Atlas is shrugging. Good on the Hostess folks for shutting down and not caving to the Union scumbags.

RIP Twinkie the Kid.


ANCAP, the Uruguayan government petroleum monopoly, is on strike. As a result, there is no gas or diesel available in most of the country.

I stopped at the local fuel station yesterday out of curiosity, asking the guy behind the counter what the deal was, if it was because of a strike, or not? He didn’t want to talk about it, and was rather grumpy. I was, after all, disturbing his day of not-selling-any-gas with my pestering questions.

“Simplemente no hay,” he said. There just isn’t any.

Doesn’t bug me any; there’s this great technology called a jerrican that we’ve had since, well, we climbed down from trees and started walking upright. And I have them in my truck. Ants and grasshoppers. But oh, the drama that ensues throughout the rest of the country!

“They” say that supplies will be back by Tuesday. We shall see.

In the meantime, biting sarcasm is plentiful in our circles. DiverBob brought up the fact that right now, Uruguay has no:

  • Mail (Correo is on strike)
  • Fuel (ANCAP is on strike)
  • Airplanes (Pluna is dead)

So why, exactly, are people rushing here to avoid the collapse of complex systems that they fear will inevitably happen in the first world? Maybe they figure they can get it over with by going Amish in a place where the stuff never worked quite right in the first place?

“Aren’t we glad we bailed out to Uruguay to avoid all this BS?”

More light reading here.

According to this article:

Strike action at Uruguayan Post that has been disrupting international mail flows since early last month has now left millions of items piling up at an airport facility.

The Association of Postal Officials of Uruguay (AFPU) started industrial action on 10 July, leading to the interruption of processing activity for inbound international mail, parcels and express items via Uruguayan Post.

Media outlets within Uruguay have said 50 tonnes of mail has now built up during the strike action at the Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo.

From Friday, the union also brought a halt to the processing of outbound international mail.

The strike is not affecting domestic mail services in Uruguay.

Thanks to GermanBob for the link.