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Chile bans smoking

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Medical, News, Stupidity
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“Smoking in Chile will be banned in enclosed public spaces following the passage of a bill in the Chamber of Deputies Wednesday night.  After a drawn out debate of terminology and conditions, the Tobacco Law passed with a landslide majority to restrict media projections of tobacco use and smoking in nightclubs, bars, casinos, and stadiums.”

“It is a great joy to start 2013 with such a tremendous victory for public health in Chile,” said Health Minister Jaime Mañalich.

Too bad they don’t have a Minister of Free Will to bring up the fact that your ability to choose for yourself is gone. I am not a smoker, and I think it is a disgusting habit, but I do not think it is right for anyone else to tell you what you can and cannot do to yourself. Some say that secondhand smoke makes it my problem, but I can always go somewhere that smokers aren’t, and choose to vote economically by not patronizing businesses that cater to smokers. Choice is the keyword here. And it’s now gone. What a shame. Down we start on the slippery slope.