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The New Zealand Minister of Customs, Maurice Williamson, said on a morning radio show that he is “very afraid” about what 3D printers will do to border security.

To which I say, “Good.”

You see, the ability to send a file through the internet and have it printed anywhere a printer physically exists is (a) what the world needs, and (b) something that will make invisible lines in the dirt (ie: nation-states) irrelevant. And something that, as a result of that, will make politicians irrelevant. Which is their worst fear.

If you follow the math of his statement, Maurice Williams is “very afraid” that he will be made irrelevant by 3D Printers.

To which I say, “Good.”

Because that’s all that politicians, statists, and their associated sycophants really deserve.

Clearly, Minister Williams knows all there is to know about 3D Printing, because I am super-extra-sure he had a good background education in engineering and technology, and has his own 3D Printer in his house… right.

“If people could print off … sheets of Ecstasy tablets at the party they’re at at that time, that just completely takes away our border protection role in its known sense,” he says.

Riiiight… well, first, I say, “GOOD!” followed by “You moron; you should know, in your vast experience with 3D Printing, that people can’t even print a burrito or waffle yet, and making drugs in crack labs is still by far more profitable than engineering a 3d printer to do it. AND… cake icing here and major slap-in-the-face: if they can get all the ingredients that go into Ecstasy pills and know the chemical processes necessary to make the stuff in the first place, what the hell do they need a 3D Printer for???”

A machine to make pills from paste is much simpler than a machine to print stuff in 3D. Unless you wanted a giant Ecstasy pill shaped like Yoda.

Why don’t you just come out and say that you’re afraid, and that you want everyone else to be more afraid than you, so you’ll appear to be relevant?


On a somewhat backwardly-related note, I have been chatting with Chilenos online in an effort to (a) understand their culture better, and (b) improve my Spanish, though “improving” it may be a bit of a stretch as most other Spanish speakers declare Chilensis to be the worst of the worst (like comparing the Queen’s English to West Virginia Redneck).

Anyways, one of the things that keeps coming up from both myself and the recipients of my quite excellent Spanish skills, is the student protest movement. This group of rabblerousers impeded my ability to walk home the other day due to a massive demonstration a block away from where I live. I was quite angry with them. In addition, their destruction of property in the past hasn’t won them any of my sympathy. To add icing to the cake, their demonstrations have shut down public transit which has delayed or completely impeded the arrival of workers helping with my apartment renovation several times, delaying things and costing me money. The cherry on top: I have been the recipient of their lovely second-hand tear gas 3 times so far, and so I now award them with the prize of Official ExpatBob Contempt (TM).

“Derechos Humanos (Human Rights!),” they shout. Bullshit. You have no RIGHT to education. Education is a service. Having a RIGHT to someone else’s SERVICE? There’s a word for that: SLAVERY, and we did away with it because it violated the most basic of basic human rights.

So what happened to my Derechos Humanos to walk peacefully without being obstructed, hassled, and shaken down? Fuck you, Chilean students. And Up Yours, border controls and customs (poor segue, but hey, whatever. You get blog rants for free).

Chilenos complain about their expensive crappy education, and they want someone else to pay for their expensive crappy education. Why not just go buy it from somewhere else (or get it for free on this newfangled thing called The Internets and The Google).

I have always wanted a Ferrari. And so in order to get one, I do not go to the Ferrari dealership and start smashing things and protesting that I want a Ferrari and how dare they deny me access to their fine cars, the greedy capitalist pig-dogs! Derechos humanos!

But no, instead I work hard and save up, and maybe someday I will decide that I can’t take it all with me so what the hell, I’ll go for it, buy that Ferrari, and be that old fart douchebag with hot chicks you can’t afford in the awesome car you can’t afford. Until that moment, however, I peacefully long for my Ferrari and its requisite gold-digging bikini girls. Because this is the way it should be– if you want something, you save for it. If you can’t afford to buy it yourself, you probably don’t need it. That’s the peaceful way to get something done: do it your damned self!