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All across Venezuela, riots are flaring up. Citizens are protesting against unemployment, inflation, and rampant crime. Threats of coups and revolution have been heard. Folks are also worried that US fascists will take over somehow. How this is worse than a Venezuelan fascist like Chavez, I fail to understand.

Why anyone should be surprised by the results of socialism-by-decree bringing unemployment, increased crime, and inflation, I also fail to understand. But folks still seem to act like it’s something new.

There is a surprising lack of media coverage on this whole affair. My suspicion, as I get out my tinfoil hat, is because the US media is controlled by socialists, and they don’t want such blatant proof of socialist failure getting continuing coverage.

What *is* happening there, is that folks are fed up, not knowing why, and are taking to the streets to vent their rage. The government, fearful of being overthrown, is hosing down, beating down, burning down, gassing down, anyone or anything that it remotely views as a threat to its wellbeing.

What started as a police strike in Cordoba has spread to other cities in Argentina. Looting, rioting, and property destruction, oh my!

The police in Cordoba were basically broke and waiting to get paid. So they told the government that they refused to go on duty until the issue was resolved. Scumbags, seeking their window of opportunity, began to steal whatever was not nailed down or on fire. Store owners banded up in armed watches in what appeared to be scenes from a zombie apocalypse movie. Several losers were shot and killed.

Then other areas decided that they were missing out on the fun.

At last count, 17 out of the 23 provinces in Argentina have been experiencing similar looting shenanigans, as they people have learned that the government is broke, inept, and cannot maintain its monopoly of force over its subjects. It’s amazing it took this long.

The clueless Kirchner government blames the looting as being a planned product of the political opposition. No, it can’t have anything to do with the fact that they have inflated their currency beyond worthlessness so now the police whom they pay to protect them can no longer earn a living wage. This is how you buy yourself an army of organized, trained, militarized, armed enemies. This is why inflation is in the Official List of Bad Ideas (TM).

Some of the Commie brand (TM) Chilenos “celebrate” the start of the 1973 coup, the subsequent suicide of Salvador Allende, and the burning of the Palacio de la Moneda on Sept 11, by setting fire to things and being generally destructive assholes. This year they also celebrated by shooting a cop who was attempting to stop the looting of a grocery store. Then the mob of looters attacked the station said cop originated from, as if shooting him clearly wasn’t enough retribution for his infringement upon their perceived right to steal stuff that isn’t theirs. Other festive activities included barricading streets, beating and throwing rocks and bottles at innocent bystanders, and setting fire to two floors of the central mall.

The reason the coup happened in the first place is because Allende’s failed central-planning Communist policies resulted in a hyperinflated Peso, starvation in a country that is capable of feeding the world, and the wiping out of the Chilean middle class. That kind of stuff is hard to fuck up even if you try, and Allende & friends managed to do it. In came Pinochet to kick them out.

So now remind me why it was a bad thing that Pinochet was causing communists to disappear? Obviously they are not worth having around.

In other news, Sept 11 is now being called “Patriot Day” in the US? What? Are you f’ing kidding me?