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Shia Leboeuf’s celebretard art installation “He will not divide us” has finally divided us.

It started with Shia himself attacking an attendee and being arrested for assault. Originally created as a “peaceful protest” to “bring people together” where anyone was encouraged to record their statements on a camera which would repeat the video in perpetuity, the street found its own use for things and soon crowds of people started showing up, including those with opposing views.

“The installation created a serious and ongoing public safety hazard for the museum, its visitors, staff, local residents, and businesses.” – Museum of the Moving Image

Opposing views are not welcome in the world of political correctness, and so Shia physically assaulted an exhibit attendee, and, as he was carted away in handcuffs, his parting words of tolerance and peace were, “How are we going to make this shit okay to be a Nazi out here?”

“Over the course of the installation, there have been dozens of threats of violence and numerous arrests, such that police felt compelled to be stationed outside the installation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” – Museum of the Moving Image

Opened on January 20, the exhibit ran a mere 5 days before Shia’s arrest and was shut down less than 2 weeks later.

“The Museum Has Abandoned Us.” Shia tweeted after the exhibit’s closing, completely ignoring the fact that it is his own fault, and it all went fine until he attacked someone.




Or… “Why being a Libertarian/Anarchist feels like living in Solitary Confinement.”

I watched the film “Temple Grandin” last night. It wasn’t the first time I had seen it, but it was the first time I had paid attention. It was on TV a while back but I was preoccupied with other things so I could not devote my full attention to it. Also we tuned in halfway through it and I had already mentally put it aside telling myself I would watch it in its entirety some other time; why waste an hour filling my head with incomplete data?

Temple Grandin is an autistic woman who revolutionized the cattle industry, through her unique abilities with pattern recognition and geometry. She also helped quite a bit with autism awareness and knowledge.

Why this is interesting to me, having seen the movie, is that this sheds new light on the way I see people and situations and the environment. I am not autistic, but the way Temple Grandin’s perceptions are presented is *exactly* the way I see things. I have always had an innate talent for pattern recognition, an eidetic memory for all things mechanical and geometric, spelling, language (although I know many rules to bend grammar within acceptable modern standards, and use it liberally), speech accents, and the placement and relationships of things within 3d space; however, I, unlike someone autistic, can gauge other peoples’ emotional signals and function in social situations. Some might disagree with this considering the outcome of some things I’ve done in the past, but that’s not due to my inability to gauge social propriety– it was because someone’s need to be straightened out and/or have their bluff called outweighed my sense of maintaining politeness in a social setting.

I, and others, have called this an “extreme immune reaction to bullshit”

It’s not necessarily a Meyers-Briggs INTJ sort of thing either:

INTJs tend to blame misunderstandings on the limitations of the other party, rather than on their own difficulty in expressing themselves. This tendency may cause the INTJ to dismiss others input too quickly, and to become generally arrogant and elitist.

Nah… it certainly can’t be because I have trouble expressing myself. Therefore it really *is* because everyone else sucks. HA!

I was also blessed with (it might be the same damaged cranial tissue that gives me my analytical superpowers) a fairly sharp knack at solving lateral thinking puzzles and figuring out third options in two-way dilemmas. Even when I was a kid and watched people throw up their hands and say “damned if I do, damned if I don’t,” and give up, I got mad at them because they failed to take action and increase their chances at a nonzero-sum outcome. If either way you see no good outcome, take action anyways!!! WTF, right? Seriously.

It might also be that due to pattern recognition, I can instantly calculate through someone’s moral compass and arrive at a fairly accurate mathematical conclusion regarding whether or not said individual is a douchebag. Which may be why I find all things immoral to be completely revolting and unforgivable. Now your definition of immoral may be something completely different than mine, so please understand that when I say immoral, I use it not in a “Good vs. Evil” Latin context, but in a more Randian analysis: does the act or opinion reflect the core values of the individual– does it match or conflict with this person’s set of beliefs?

For example, this is why I find it so repulsive that bleeding-heart hippies preach about peace and love yet insist that everyone else be (violently) coerced out of their wealth in order to provide that peace and love. Such things are a downward spiral of conflicting morality and therefore unacceptable to me. Hence my continuing discontent with the things that are happening in the world as it heads into altruistic self-destruction and why, if I had to choose a label or “group” to be, it would be anarchocapitalist.

As part of this grand package of brain power, I also have a sort of distrust leading to dislike leading to seething hatred for people who cannot think with my capacity. Which, I admit, can be impolite. It’s something few probably ever consider– can you imagine what it would be like to have half the containment capacity your brainpan currently allows? Can you imagine being half as bright, or having half the problem-solving skills you presently possess?

*Not* thinking? *Not* imagining? *Not* problem-solving?

I can’t. I tried, and I can’t. It’s unfathomable to me: like trying to figure out whether or not there is an afterlife, and whether near-death experiences are a sort of exponential flare of brain activity that will seem like a lifetime of imagination-set-free to your perceptions as the last of the oxygen burns out… What would the opposite be like? What would it feel like to be that dim, thoughtless, unimaginative? The black hole opposite of sentience.

I am kept awake at night running math, geometric, engineering, design, and spacial problems in my head. It’s so loud in there that I often can’t turn it off, and usually don’t want to. When I am not thinking about this stuff, I am dreaming it. No, sir, your product is not good enough. I can make it better. Here’s how…

Solving the problems of the world, in the confines of my brain, 24/7.

This is why I get angry with people who cannot grasp the same things I do, who cannot think through these things like I do. Case in point: today I was an an electronics store looking for shrink-wrap tubing. I didn’t know the name for it in Spanish, but I explained to the clerk that it’s plastic tubing that shrinks when you make it hot, for wiring. He pointed me to a hot-glue gun. “No,” I told him, and explained it again. I know my Spanish was correct. He thought for a second, and then showed me a soldering iron. “No, but you’re getting warmer.” Finally the light turned on in his head, and he found the correct stuff, “retractil.”

Seriously, I have been in places where I literally drew them what I was talking about, with geometric precision. Any idiot could have seen what it was, yet these people scratched their heads and didn’t know what I was looking for, even *after* I looked up the word in a dictionary, told them, and explained that yes, you *must* have it in this store because that is logical and nobody else would have this sort of thing.

…except for shoelaces in a shoestore in Uruguay, which must be against the law or something.

But I digress. The dim behavior of others bothers me a great deal. They may not be capable of being thoughtful or considerate, but it bothers me nonetheless. Perhaps there is more to my bad reaction to loud sounds (especially barking dogs) simply because I consider it inconsiderate.

Or maybe I’m just autistic and haven’t noticed yet…

Haha, consider it inconsiderate. I am probably the only person who finds that word combination funny.

Maybe I *am* autistic… jeez…

I continue to digress… Why would people subject an animal to the stress which would induce it to bark uncontrollably? Maybe they don’t know that their dog behaves this way. But then why wouldn’t other people complain about it? Or why would the dog owner want a dog and profess to love it and care for it, and then not care for it (ie: stress it out by locking it on a balcony)? They can’t possibly not care! Or maybe they really, seriously don’t care, and I am just incapable of imagining the concept of not-noticing because brainlessness is just another paradox that falls into the same zone as the concept of afterlife or existence-of-God or Schrodinger’s cat. This sort of brainless immoral shit falls into my “completely unforgivable” category and really cheeses me off. If you were having dinner with your family and there was a dog barking at you incessantly from a balcony 5 feet away, wouldn’t you go and ask the neighbor what the fuck his problem was? No, people here just tune it out somehow, let assholes be assholes, and then the whole place becomes a hive of unrepentant morons– not on purpose, but simply because there is nobody around to stand up and ask why there is an elephant in the room.

Then there are people who say “mañana” or “semana que viene” or “por supuesto!” and then fail to deliver. Why? Seriously, in a world where you have the ability to sue someone for “loss to your honor,” where is your fucking honor in the first place? A man’s word is his bond, people. Stick to it. Do what you say you are going to do. Follow through. It’s not rocket science and any idiot can accomplish this. Even the people I find deplorably stupid. Maybe this is why I find the whole mañana culture to be vapid and increasingly unworthy of my patronage.

Peoples’ lack of ability to point out elephants (metaphorically, duh) is becoming worse and worse, in my opinion. It seems to me that that is the core thing that is ailing the world. Distilled into a buzz-word which I cannot stand but everyone knows: Political Correctness.

I had a long and interesting conversation during a drive with TennesseeBob, who is a Christian Libertarian type, about just how we handle the treatment of friends and family members who have crossed the line into where we deem “immoral thought process.” Do you forgive them because they are family? I say certainly not, but then family politics plays into life for some people. Then what do you do? You still have to deal with them one way or another should your paths cross. Then make sure your paths don’t cross, or cross the least amount that is possible. It’s a tough call, and one that Harry Browne talked about in his book “How I found freedom in an unfree world” (wow! Look at those used-book prices!!! Testament to the quality of that book) My advice to TennesseeBob was to just minimize his own exposure to them and certainly don’t let the dyed-in-the-wool commie feminazi sister-in-law be near his kids without him present to act as a censor. Although I do not like to practice it, I can respect the Christian “turn the other cheek” philosophy towards forgiveness, because it often is worth eating crow in order to maintain peace (non-zero). However from my standpoint, my other cheek is already bruised and my patience is worn thin. I recently came across a quote I really like: “Two wrongs don’t make a right, but neither does one wrong.” I am starting to wonder if 3 retaliatory wrongs will put the situation back on the course it was heading in before the first wrong occurred… Perhaps I will test the hypothesis.

I’m becoming a SuperVillain.

So how, then, must I deal with insentient people of lesser intellect who enrage and disgust me? As I have found, (being generous) maybe 3/4 of them are dumber than I am and of those that are on-par with me or smarter than I am, maybe 3/4 of those are misguided douchebags with questionable and/or or repellant morals. The statistical returns are diminishing daily and I find it increasing difficult to tolerate people. It’s affecting my personal life and relationships.

And no, for those of you who read this because you hate what I have to say, it’s not a case of “Uruguay was innocent and didn’t deserve my vitriol because the vitriol was always there and always will be,” I have this to say: you are partly correct. The vitriol was always there and always will be; however, Uruguay deserved every bit of turd-slinging and continues to do so. Uruguay taught me a lot about people, how they function (or don’t) in the head, and how immoral they can be, and few of those lessons were good ones.

Yes, I feel increasing rageful bitterness towards people in general, I admit. Maybe that’s just how life is for someone who is unable to forget things, and finds it difficult to forgive per the aforementioned novel-length rant.

Maybe I’ll snap one day, start calling myself Bob, and write an angry blog.