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Argentines are preparing to make the largest protest against the government since the last collapse a decade ago. The people are fed up with crime, corruption, and inflation.

Kristina Kirchner said during a speech on Wednesday, “No more lying. It’s all that I ask of all the Argentines, that we speak the truth.”


And add a hearty guffaw for dessert.

If Kristina were even capable of such a feat, all of spacetime would collapse into a singularity and the universe as we know it would suddenly cease to exist.

In any case, I wish the Argies luck in their protest. Maybe they can scare the scumbags enough to evacuate the Casa Rosada in a helicopter, just like their predecessors, amid chants like “We love you, Menem… in jail!”

You can read more about the planned fun here in the huffity-puffity commie rag.

Thanks to ExFedBob for the link.

Argentina, not content with Spain’s lack of exuberant joy at having YPF stolen from them, and also not content with Spain’s decision to stop buying their own fenced fuel, decided to put insult to injury by adding Spanish ham to their list of import bans.

Kristina sez: “I read today that the Spaniards are complaining because they say that we are not going to let the ham from Jabugo pata negra, and turns out to be that they just threaten us with not letting a single drop of bio-diesel into Spain.”

Translation: They are holding a grudge because we stole YPF? The nerve…

We’ll show them! Up yourth, Thpaniardth! Screw your ham! The stuff we make here in Argentina is better anyways. Wait, we still make that, right? Oh…

We are Infallible! Screw your ham!

Read the article here.

They think they are helping their economy, but what about those people who made their living importing, distributing, and selling those 274 tons of hams?