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On the 5th of February (yes, two days ago; I am starting to become South American. I’ll get to it mañana…) a fire in the Iron Mountain archive building killed 9 firemen and first responders, and injured 7 more. Despite the unnecessary loss of life, this is interesting in several ways.

First, the building had an advanced fire suppression system, built to be able to not only quench fires but keep documents intact. In addition to multiple other methods to prevent and stop fires. Seeing as it *was* an important document archive.

Secondly, this particular archive housed quite a lot of bank documents.

Thirdly, the fire happened at the announcement of new foreign exchange regulations, in which banks are now required to limit FX positions to 30% of their assets, and FX futures to 10%.

So, how convenient that the destruction of official bank balance data (at least *this* copy) coincides with new bank compliance which coincides with Argentina being called out on fudging its Forex numbers, and having the honesty of its bank reserves questioned.

“Well, we would show you, but oops, it all caught fire last night!”

More info here and here.


Since many Argentines have been trying to find good deals on consumer goods over the internet, the Kirchner regime has decided that this thrifty bargain-hunting must stop, and everyone must buy locally overpriced stuff instead. Stuff that Our Dear Leader Cristina has declared are unavailable anyways.

Cristina, who uses an iPhone, which she declared illegal. For everyone else, that is.

In order to enforce these measures, the buyers of international online goods must file papers with AFIP before they can receive their goods.


My 2014 prediction is that there will be many rich smugglers moving goods to Argentina.

What started as a police strike in Cordoba has spread to other cities in Argentina. Looting, rioting, and property destruction, oh my!

The police in Cordoba were basically broke and waiting to get paid. So they told the government that they refused to go on duty until the issue was resolved. Scumbags, seeking their window of opportunity, began to steal whatever was not nailed down or on fire. Store owners banded up in armed watches in what appeared to be scenes from a zombie apocalypse movie. Several losers were shot and killed.

Then other areas decided that they were missing out on the fun.

At last count, 17 out of the 23 provinces in Argentina have been experiencing similar looting shenanigans, as they people have learned that the government is broke, inept, and cannot maintain its monopoly of force over its subjects. It’s amazing it took this long.

The clueless Kirchner government blames the looting as being a planned product of the political opposition. No, it can’t have anything to do with the fact that they have inflated their currency beyond worthlessness so now the police whom they pay to protect them can no longer earn a living wage. This is how you buy yourself an army of organized, trained, militarized, armed enemies. This is why inflation is in the Official List of Bad Ideas (TM).

Argentines are preparing to make the largest protest against the government since the last collapse a decade ago. The people are fed up with crime, corruption, and inflation.

Kristina Kirchner said during a speech on Wednesday, “No more lying. It’s all that I ask of all the Argentines, that we speak the truth.”


And add a hearty guffaw for dessert.

If Kristina were even capable of such a feat, all of spacetime would collapse into a singularity and the universe as we know it would suddenly cease to exist.

In any case, I wish the Argies luck in their protest. Maybe they can scare the scumbags enough to evacuate the Casa Rosada in a helicopter, just like their predecessors, amid chants like “We love you, Menem… in jail!”

You can read more about the planned fun here in the huffity-puffity commie rag.

Thanks to ExFedBob for the link.

PayPal has had to close down domestic transactions for Argentine customers. Apparently the Argentinos were opening two accounts and using them to send money to themselves, in order to take advantage of a better Peso-Dollar exchange rate than is available from the Kirchner regime. Details here.

Meanwhile, as of writing, the government rate is 4.69 Pesos per Dollar, and the black market rate is 6.34, a difference of 35% (source: dolarblue)

Pluna, Uruguay’s “official” airline, is going broke. At present, they only have enough money to stay afloat for another 30 days.

The biggest factors in the death of Pluna are the Argentine restrictions put on its flight paths (Aerolineas Argentinas has full access to Uruguay with all of its flights, and trade for this they had cut access to many of Pluna’s flights), and the lack of Argentine tourists coming to Uruguay because of Kirchner’s new batch of currency control laws and the new exit visa/AFIP requirements.

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