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Since the new director was appointed to the SMA (Uruguay’s Servicio de Material y Armamiento), all manner of delays and holdups have taken hold. Chiefly, lockdowns on importation of new ammunition from abroad, and now major delays in processing of the Carne Coleccionista, which permits sportsmen, collectors, and enthusiasts to own larger caliber firearms and their accompanying ammunition. Normally, all Carne Coleccionista permits must be renewed annually before March 31st, a process which is done through agents in firearm dealerships or directly at the SMA office in Montevideo. However, since the 2013 renewals have gone in, few have come back out, effectively rendering those unprocessed renewals expired and technically making the ownership, use, sale, and importation of said higher-caliber firearms illegal despite any previous permitting.

Whether the delays are on purpose or simply par-for-the-course Uruguayan bureaucratic ineptitude remains to be seen, but the results are nonetheless unsettling.

To make matters worse, reloading supplies have all but dried up in Uruguay, and their traditional backup supplier, Argentina. I was recently quoted $6 per shot to reload .303 British rounds, after waiting over a year for the quote, as the materials had to be found first.

And good riddance I say.

WASHINGTON — With shouts of “Shame on you!” echoing in the chamber, the U.S. Senate failed to muster sufficient support Wednesday for a gun-buyer background check bill that’s supported by nearly 90 percent of Americans. (editor note: no, it’s not really 90%. More like 90% of Berkeley granola Birkenstockites asked in the poll who are already known to hate guns. Huff propaganda)

It also voted down other key measures and counterproposals, defeating a string of amendments in a series of procedural votes that likely doomed any major legislation to curb gun violence. (source: Huffington Post)

And of course the tired, overused us-versus-them media mantra will be recited: it’s the evil gun lobby, and the evil republicans, and the evil extreme-right.

Obama expressed his dismay:

“All in all, this is a pretty shameful day for Washington. The American people are trying to figure out — how can something that has 90 percent support not happen?”

What the American people are trying to figure out is why, when Congress has an 11% approval rating (ie: 90% disapproval rating) they are still breathing our air? Don’t throw stones in your glass house, man.

The “American People” obviously didn’t want this to go through, and their representatives were apparently too scared to counter that opinion. Even people like Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who voted against the bill, despite his impassioned Senate floor speech about how “I will vote for Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons ban.”

Us vs. Them, my ass. Maybe Americans have seen enough of their rights taken away, and they are not interested in seeing more. Too bad they are not reclaiming the ones they have lost in the last few years. It’s also a shame that when 90% of the people are unhappy with the system, the system persists and is made stronger. Really, people, you are so much more aligned than you think. Stop listening to the media polar opinionmongering. If 90% of the population cooperated for 24 hours, you could wipe the slate clean. Think about that.

If you take away guns, we’ll use knives and bats. If you take away those, we’ll use our hands. If you take away those, we’ll use our stumps. You cannot legislate violence away, because it’s always going to be around.

The solution: arm up for defense, and don’t be an asshole.

Funs with Guns

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Humor
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More chainmail dookie from friends, but there were some good ones in there.

I own a 100-year-old rifle which I have had since I was a teenager. I went through the hassle of importing it to Uruguay, which, while time consuming, was not particularly difficult. I had planned to go hunting jabali (wild boar) with it here but still have yet to go.

I had brought down with me a box of empty shells to be reloaded. Running down to my final 100 rounds after my last camping trip, I decided to patronize the local gun shop for some reloads. To be sure they had no excuses for inaction, I supplied them with the relevant dies for the reloading press.

“No problem,” they say. This was back in January.

A few months go by after pestering them about the reloads. “There are no bullets of this kind in Uruguay so we have to order them from Argentina,” they tell me.

“OK, do it.”

Another few months go by and so I begin pestering them again. “Sorry, there are none in Argentina either, and because of Kristina’s new import bans, they can’t order them.”

Lovely. 6 months of wasted time. I wonder if I will ever see that brass again, or my dies.

By the way, our broken window is still sitting in its frame, 6 months later. They couldn’t come out to fix it because of the rain. Uruguayans are water-soluble.

And Kristina can suck my sweaty, stinky balls.