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As of writing:

Trading at a high of $1242 in the US markets, Bitcoin is only $10 short of meeting the 1-oz gold bullion spot price.

Will this be called “Bitcoin Black Friday?”

Exchange tip, gold prices

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Investing, News
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Due to the discrepancy between the USD and CLP exchange rates and gold prices, you can now get Chilean gold coins for about CLP$420.000 for a 20,3-gram coin (USD$841), which makes its per-ounce price $1174. That’s the buy price, not spot.

Do with that what you will. Smells like buying opportunity.


NEVERMIND– I’ve been stymied by shite conversions. Disregard the whole thing. Thanks, Imperial Measurement Systems!

According to this article, Paraguay’s Banco Central recently increased its reserves from 33.8 to 426.5 million dollars (nearly 400 million more) worth of gold to expand their precious metal reserves and diversify from the US dollar.

Rafael Lara, a director of the Banco Central, explains, “We aim to diversify our assets with currencies which provide no risk to the parent bank, and also because Dollar investments are kept close to 0% interest, a trend which will continue until the United States decides to withdraw stimulus to its economy, which markets predict will not happen until 2015.”