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And not just the election rhetoric!

Trash collectors in Chile have been on strike. It started in Valparaiso and spread to Santiago. Over the past week the trash has been piling up and getting out of hand. Ever street corner has a mini mountain like this one.

Smells just as bad as it looks.

Smells just as bad as it looks.

The same crap happens in Uruguay every year around Christmastime and the opening of high season, as the trash men there try to make it as inconvenient as they possibly can in the hopes they get a pay raise. Here, the strike comes right before the presidential elections, either in the hope that the current president gives them a generous parting gift of higher wages (not likely) or, more likely, it is all an orchestrated event banking that Michelle Bachelet, the new more left-leaning president they hope to elect, uses it as an opportunity to give lip service not only to the socialist cause but also uses it to look magnanimous and problem-solver-esque. Because she dropped the ball on all the other initiatives she did in her last term, like FUBAR’ing public transportation and FUBAR’ing the post-quake reconstruction.

ExpatBob’s infinite wisdom is as follows (and this worked in Curitiba, Brazil, by the way): Fire all the garbage collectors and post a reward per bag of trash brought to the dump. Every square inch of Santiago will be spotless within a few days, will remain so for the forseeable future, and there will never be garbage strikes ever again.


Along the Costanera

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Humor, Travel
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WifeBob was out walking today, because that’s all you can do when the whole country shuts down for two days to celebrate the Fiestas Patrias. Along her trek, she came upon a neat little area where every 200 meters or so there are these little “parklets” with a statue, a plaque, some kind of landscaping, etc. This one in particular she felt moved to take a picture, because she liked it so much; Korea had sent Chile a pagoda congratulating them on their 200th anniversary.

Pagoda Dabotap, Santiago

Then, purely by chance (and she was not cherry-picking on this) she saw the next one over, Parque Uruguay:

Parque Uruguay, Santiago

I probably don’t need to say anything here, but note the busted up Soviet brickwork, the graffiti, the trash, and the vandalized portapotty. Granted, Santiago’s trash collectors have been on vacation for a few days so things are a bit dirty in the city, but why was Korea spotless while Uruguay is neglected right next door?

I know! But I don’t have to say it, because you know too.

And no, we didn’t put it there.