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Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, Socialists, Communists, pick your name for them. They all believe in the same incorrect thing:
* the global wealth pie is a fixed amount
* if you have a bigger slice than someone else, you got it through ill means or nefarious deeds
* you are therefore a cheat
* you should be stripped of your wealth and it should be given to everyone else

Of course this is all incorrect on so many levels, and anyone can figure it out by bouncing a few brain cells around.

One thing that I always found amusing is that these so-called Progressives believe that their worldview is better, and that if you just submit to it you will see the light. They absolutely hate it when you tell them that you don’t need them. Case in point, this reminds me of a scene from Hell on Wheels, wherein the railroad magnate, J.P. Durant, and his congressional sycophant, are negotiating with a Cheyenne Indian chief for passage through their lands…

Durant: “Senator Crane has come here to offer your people a better way of life.”

Chief: “Better than what?”

Durant: “Uh… better than what you have.”

Chief: “I like what I have.”

Senator: “I understand that. But your people live in the stone age. We live at the beginning of a great industrial revolution.”

Durant: “Chief, the US government is offering you a piece of land, of your own.”

Chief: “We have our own land.”

Senator: “No. It’s not yours. It’s the US government’s.”

Chief: “Did they buy it?”

Senator: “No…”

Chief: “Did they trade for it?”

Durant: “It’s not like that, we…”

Chief: “Then how can they own it?”

Durant: “If you accept our offer, you won’t have to hunt buffalo anymore, or roam the prairie. You can depend on your country to take care of you.”

Chief: “You are not my country.”

Durant: “We will give you everything you need, if you will just submit to living on a reservation.”

Chief: “We need nothing from you.”

At which point, Durant loses his temper and closes the negotiation. They hate it when you don’t need them, and especially when you tell them directly.

Now this is amusing because the Progressives are always on the side of the “little guy” or the underdog and especially on the side of the Native American. Even I feel sorry for the Native American, especially when watching this clip, but not for the same reasons that the Progressives do. You see, when I watch this, I see the “evil capitalist railroad magnate” as the Progressives, and the Indians as the Capitalists. Change out “great industrial revolution” for “utopia” or “manifest destiny” or “workers paradise.” The actors change but the play remains the same.

Stop trying to force your lofty socialist goals on those who don’t want it, at the expense of our already-decent life. We like what we have. We need nothing from you.

La Granja del Pepe (PPS/PowerPoint document)

This one says a lot about Uruguayan culture, work ethic, the way they treat foreigners and capital, and why the place is the way it is.

According to a cable in WikiLeaks, former president Tabare Vasquez’s brother, Jorge Vasquez, was under suspicion of trafficking Venezuelan weapons to Iran. During a 2007 diplomatic mission, the US received reports that Uruguay was “opening a test route” for arms trafficking. The report also declared that Jorge was stockpiling local weapons caches for the Tupamaros and other Marxist groups in order to prevent the possibility of a coup against the government.

Source: wikileaks/ElPais.

As if the Tupamaros need any more help. They are already in the Parliament, the Presidency, and they have taken over Montevideo and the other major municipalities either on their own or by installing their choice commie thugs.