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Since the new director was appointed to the SMA (Uruguay’s Servicio de Material y Armamiento), all manner of delays and holdups have taken hold. Chiefly, lockdowns on importation of new ammunition from abroad, and now major delays in processing of the Carne Coleccionista, which permits sportsmen, collectors, and enthusiasts to own larger caliber firearms and their accompanying ammunition. Normally, all Carne Coleccionista permits must be renewed annually before March 31st, a process which is done through agents in firearm dealerships or directly at the SMA office in Montevideo. However, since the 2013 renewals have gone in, few have come back out, effectively rendering those unprocessed renewals expired and technically making the ownership, use, sale, and importation of said higher-caliber firearms illegal despite any previous permitting.

Whether the delays are on purpose or simply par-for-the-course Uruguayan bureaucratic ineptitude remains to be seen, but the results are nonetheless unsettling.

To make matters worse, reloading supplies have all but dried up in Uruguay, and their traditional backup supplier, Argentina. I was recently quoted $6 per shot to reload .303 British rounds, after waiting over a year for the quote, as the materials had to be found first.