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Don’t let anyone try and tell you that corporations and businesses create jobs.
~ Hillary Clinton

You are a pompous, arrogant ass, Hillary Clinton. And either you have fallen hook line and sinker for the crap that you are spewing from every orifice, or you have become such an excellent automaton that we can no longer tell that you don’t believe a single word that comes out of your mouth.

If light bulbs ran on lies, we could solve the world’s energy problems right in Washington.


Posted: June 9, 2013 in Humor, Life, Stupidity
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From Nathan Lustig’s excellent blog about business in Chile (but Weonomics also seems to effect Uruguay!)

Weonomics. Noun. The study of peculiar Chilean economic behavior in business dealings.

There are some clear cultural difference between doing business in the US and in Chile. I’ve taken to calling it Weonomics. (Gringo readers, weon is the ubiquitous Chilean word meaning anything from dude to asshole.) Clearly not all Chileans subscribe to the principles of Weonomics, but I run into enough Weonomics experts each week that I felt I had to write about it. I have a feeling that most foreigners in Chile will identify with this post, but I’m also interested to see the response from Chilean friends. Please enjoy.


A typical US negotiation.

  • Seller asking price $45,000
  • My offer price: $37,000
  • Seller counteroffer: $43,000
  • My counteroffer: $39,000
  • Final price: $41,000

Pretty simple, right? A sales price, a counter offer and meet somewhere in the middle. You’d think negotiation would work similarly in any part of the world, but not with many Chileans.


  • Seller asking price $45,000
  • My offer price: $37,000
  • Seller counteroffer: $48,000
  • My counteroffer: See ya!

Seriously? Who in their right mind thinks they’ll close a deal counteroffering by RAISING their initial price?  But this is a principal tenant of Weonomics. The worst case I’ve seen was when a friend was trying to purchase a house. The opening price was $140,000. My friend bid $120,000. The counter offer? $210,000. Weonomics at its finest.