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Some of the Commie brand (TM) Chilenos “celebrate” the start of the 1973 coup, the subsequent suicide of Salvador Allende, and the burning of the Palacio de la Moneda on Sept 11, by setting fire to things and being generally destructive assholes. This year they also celebrated by shooting a cop who was attempting to stop the looting of a grocery store. Then the mob of looters attacked the station said cop originated from, as if shooting him clearly wasn’t enough retribution for his infringement upon their perceived right to steal stuff that isn’t theirs. Other festive activities included barricading streets, beating and throwing rocks and bottles at innocent bystanders, and setting fire to two floors of the central mall.

The reason the coup happened in the first place is because Allende’s failed central-planning Communist policies resulted in a hyperinflated Peso, starvation in a country that is capable of feeding the world, and the wiping out of the Chilean middle class. That kind of stuff is hard to fuck up even if you try, and Allende & friends managed to do it. In came Pinochet to kick them out.

So now remind me why it was a bad thing that Pinochet was causing communists to disappear? Obviously they are not worth having around.

In other news, Sept 11 is now being called “Patriot Day” in the US? What? Are you f’ing kidding me?