Is Chile fucked?

Posted: December 28, 2019 in News, Politics, Stupidity, Uncategorized

It is my conclusion that Chile is, indeed, fucked.

The disparity between older and younger generations’ mentality is wide and unbridgeable. The poor refuse to pick themselves up and improve their own lives without outside assistance, and, in fact, find it quaint to resist help— instead finding some kind of reverse-psychological Newspeak “pride in poverty.” The rich simply leave for greener pastures. And the middle class are far too nonconfrontational to pick any sides. Or too busy thinking that they are poor when they are not. The “ghetto mentality” has really taken hold in Chile.

Previous protests have won a plebiscite vote to create a new constitution in April. That should have appeased everyone. Such a monumental thing has not been seen in Chile, let alone worldwide, since the famous “NO” vote of 1988 which ended Pinochet’s dictatorship. Chileans should be happy that they even have this ability, because other countries do not (and when it happened in the USA, the dissidents were summarily paved over into the bloody soil).

The moment to decide their own destiny is right there on the table but for some reason Chileans still wreck and burn their own neighborhoods. So, really, one must ask: what are they still protesting? Or do they simply want to wreck and burn shit?

The conclusion I have come to is that they simply want to wreck and burn shit. They want to pick fights with the cops. They want things to escalate into fatal encounters with the police. They want to steal and break things that they have not earned. There are no other reasons for what is happening here, barring major tinfoil hat shit and we’re not going to go there.

The cops are getting blamed by the popular media as being the cause of these major fires but looking at statistics and science and chemistry, my bet is that 99% of the fires set are by rioters wanting to blame the cops. Endothermic decompression of aerosol canisters containing chemicals that are largely non-flammable does not make a bonfire. The one fact that people seem to be overlooking is: these protests are wrecking and burning shit. It doesn’t really matter who is the cause. But I’m pretty damned sure that the shit wouldn’t be on fire if there were no fucking protests. Rocket science 101.

In my opinion, the best thing the cops could do is simply not show up. Best PR play, best strategic play, best military play. Leave these “nonviolent protesters” as the sole cause of destruction, fire, and mayhem, and let the people see who are the true terrorists. Maybe things would fizzle out quickly, as they tend to do when the guest of honor fails to show up at the party.

If not, let them march through burning and looting and when the zombie apocalypse gets bad enough that the people beg for help, then roll in and use real bullets to grind them into a fine red paste. It’s time for Pinochet Part II.

I don’t see that happening, though.  Chileans are too weak, immature, and unrealistic. They would prefer to cut off their nose to spite their face. Despite so much worldwide present and historical proof, abroad and in their own country, they still cannot see that socialism and communism do not deserve (or leave room for) second chances.

  1. Rich says:

    Sorry to hear this assessment. Really sorry! But I do enjoy how direct and concisely you put it. Does this mean you’re exploring other options? If so, where?

    • Expat Bob says:

      All of South America is embroiled in antifa-style violence to try and replace real human progress with fascism. Looking around, the only place with any promise is Puerto Rico, and it’s a shithole. But it doesn’t have far to fall.

  2. Rocketman says:

    Bob, what about Paraguay? To your knowledge is anything like that going on there? The reason I’m asking is that I’m in the process of moving to Paraguay. I’m shortly going down there to get my permanent residency and if things are heating up there I might want to consider cancelling my trip.

    • Expat Bob says:

      I haven’t been to Paraguay in several years, and I haven’t seen any news about it so I can’t comment. It was doing well last I saw.

      • RocketmanX30 says:

        Bob, if that’s the case then you might want to consider moving to Paraguay. Right now I’m looking at Villacarra which looks like it’s halfway between Asuncion and Cuidad de Este.
        I remember you from when we were both on the Sovereign Man Confidential website under the name Kevin L. Padfield. Remember me? My mom passed away this October and now I have nothing else keeping me here in the USA.

  3. RocketmanX30 says:

    Sorry bout that Bob. I thought that “Villacara” looked a little off. It should be “Villarrica”.

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