WTF is going on in Chile?

Posted: November 16, 2019 in News, Stupidity, Uncategorized
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According to international news, “Piñera has been having some problems with protests.”

In reality, criminal vandals have destroyed the metro system, looters have smashed and stripped clean countless places of business, and riots of arsonists have been rampaging through cities, setting fire to businesses, churches, and residences.

Police headquarters and personal homes have been attacked, army bases attacked, and roadblocks are set up by “vigilantes” who think it’s fun to force drivers to get out of their cars and dance for the mob. If they please the crowd, they are allowed to pass. If not, the mob smashes or burns their car.

It all started about a month ago because of a 10-cent hike in the public transit fees. People began protesting nonviolently at first by either boycotting the metro or jumping the gates. Then they decided to take it to a new stupid level by wrecking and setting fire to the metro stations.

Supposedly the driving force behind these protests is that the people want constitutional reform. However, of all the people I have asked, “what needs to be changed about the constitution?” not a single one could give me an answer.

Essentially, people are just looting and burning shit because they can. There is no reason to any of it. Every single night, the trash piles are dragged into the street and set on fire by arsonists. The dumpsters are long gone– they burned those the first day. The metro remains closed, and the storefronts that did not get looted or burned remain barricaded and closed. What businesses are open are shuttered up and you have to enter and exit through a tiny opening in the steel plate. Everything closes at 4pm so that people can get home in order to hide from the mobs.

I can’t keep my windows open because tear gas and the smoke from burning trash will waft through.

There is no mainstream media coverage of this at all. And I really don’t know why.


  1. ItalianBob says:

    There’s little mainstream media coverage in eurocentric news outlets because it won’t look good for right wing politicians during an election year… They’ll happily talk about Venezuela without mentioning how they strangled the economy ever since the people voted in the wrong guy. I’m no proponent of socialism, but it’s disingenuous to claim socialism failed when you’ve been continuously subverting them since the beginning. Now since Chile was supposed to be the beacon of liberty in South America, these same people who strangled Venezuela don’t want the international public to know the policies they put in place in Chile are not working for the majority of Chileans.
    What needs to change with the Chilean Constitution? I have no idea. Sounds like the commies just want to feel good and gain brownie points from their base because they were able to get rid of the last remnant of Pinochet.
    I haven’t been downtown Stgo in a while. Over here in El Golf where most of the ambassadors live, things are not too bad, but as the rest of the city and the country and highways burn, we’re getting isolated here and about to leave for PTY.

  2. Egad!! says:

    There’s next to zero coverage of this in the USA media. If I had to guess I would sum it up in just one word-SOROS.

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