The door narrows in Chile

Posted: April 28, 2015 in News
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A new change to the laws regarding acquisition of a temporary RUT number in Chile (for things like buying property and vehicles for non-residents or non-citizens) has been implemented. Now you must have a co-signer in Chile who is either a citizen or full permanent resident, in order that they may receive correspondence and legal notices to the RUT applicant.

I would guess that most lawyers and notarias will do this service for people, but it just adds an extra complicated step in the process and takes away something that was, before, a walk-in-walk-out process.

  1. ItalianBob says:

    I’m sure the immigration laws will eventually change making residency applications more difficult too. I just got the en trámite for my permanencia definitiva 😉

    • Expat Bob says:

      Congrats on your tramite haha 🙂 Welcome to the zone of lost souls! In 7-8 months you should be a legit permanent resident. Barring any other government delays.

  2. sk-bob says:

    We got RUT cards on our last visit. Do you know if they now expire?

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