Chilean food

Posted: April 8, 2015 in Food, Travel
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I like Chile but their food sucks. Lots of people ask me what Chilean food is like, and I have never had an accurate explanation really until it hit me today: It is the expert addition of so much bread into anything so as to obscure its initial flavor by 99% or more. And not even good bread at that. I don’t know if it’s because they use coarser flour or do not knead or leaven the bread enough but it’s a tough, heavy, gritty bread that lacks finesse and dries the mouth. Surprising considering the German influences here; the Germans know their bread. The Chileans, sadly, do not. And yet they still put it in EVERYTHING.

  1. BeelzeBob says:

    What do you expect when two of their main sandwiches are named after mud? Barros Jarpa and Barros Luco (that’s Jarpa Muds and Luco Muds for the non-Spanish speakers).

  2. sk-bob says:

    And don’t forget to heavily over-salt everything, and have plenty of salt on the table for locals to dump even more on before dining!

  3. ExFedBob says:

    It’s fun to watch your vitriol slowly shift from Uruguay toward Chile.

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