Uruguay sticker shock

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Foreign residency, Stupidity
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UY$325/kilo for Queso Magro: US$14.55 per kilo, for basic basic plain old cheese. The kind that in the old days would be in the Generic aisle of the grocery store in a plain white paper label with black text “Cheese.” From local producers, in a country which actually, factually, in its history, proposed infrastructure so that one could tie into a city milk supply and have a spigot installed in your kitchen, out of which poured milk.

UY$546 for 6x 2.5-liter bottles of Coke products. That’s US$4 per bottle. That’s ON SALE!

2014-03-06 16.41.18

  1. BeelzeBob says:

    We pay a lot less (around UYU 200) for good cheese, but we buy at the feria (in Piriápolis, not Punta del Este). We don’t drink Coke (no electrolytes, duh), but beer has gone up.

    • some gringo says:

      I was going to say, why would you buy cheese in the supermarket? I get great cheese for U$Y $145 / kg in the feria1

  2. CanuckBob says:

    Ben Dover and feel the love….welcome to UY..!

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