I been robbed

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Life, Stupidity
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Today I left the BobMobile in the street in front of the apartment building to unload some things I had just bought for the house (namely a fan, because it’s hotter than hell right now). I forgot to lock the doors. In the time it took me to unload, get a cold drink, and relax for a few minutes before I took the car back to the parking compound, some motherfucker stole the toolbox, the jumpstart battery, and the tire inflator from the back hatch storage area. Right outside, right under our windows. Lame.

They must have been staking out the street.

I’m not out much, because the stuff belonged to the guy who sold me the car and he threw it in extra. It’s probably less than $100 worth of stuff. However, it’s still stuff that needs to be replaced, and I am angry and disappointed. I’m playing around now with setting up a Raspberry Pi computer as a security-camera station.

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