Seguros “not so seguro” in Uruguay — technophobia

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Life, Stupidity, Travel
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About 3 weeks ago I received a call from a representative from our home insurance company in Uruguay, with information about the upcoming expiration of our homeowners policy and how to deal with the bill payment. As I had wanted to find a new, different agency, but had run out of time, I simply let it slide and decided to renew it. So I explained that I am leaving within 48 hours and have no time to deal with running around doing bank deposits, so can I do it online,? The lady said yes, gave me the account number, and her email, etc. so here I thought I would be slick and technology-oriented and do the transfer online and have it done without needing to drive to the bank, like the way it is done in the rest of the world.


The bank deposit went without a hitch, I made a PDF of the transfer receipt, sent it via email to her, received no bounce message, so I assumed it was done. However, you must do everyone else’s job for them in Uruguay, even if you are not in Uruguay, so I called her today, 3 weeks later, to verify that the funds were properly received and credited. No sign of anything from her end. No checking of email, nothing. So of course she says she must search her records and call me back, so she takes my number and I know I will not hear from her until… never.

I am beginning to think that Uruguay cannot cope with technology and only understands grunts, simple hand signals, and pieces of paper with stamps and foil seals.

Meanwhile… is my house insured? Nobody seems to know. If a tree falls our your house in Uruguay and nobody is there to insure it, does it still make a sound?

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