Argentines prepare to march

Posted: November 8, 2012 in News, Stupidity
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Argentines are preparing to make the largest protest against the government since the last collapse a decade ago. The people are fed up with crime, corruption, and inflation.

Kristina Kirchner said during a speech on Wednesday, “No more lying. It’s all that I ask of all the Argentines, that we speak the truth.”


And add a hearty guffaw for dessert.

If Kristina were even capable of such a feat, all of spacetime would collapse into a singularity and the universe as we know it would suddenly cease to exist.

In any case, I wish the Argies luck in their protest. Maybe they can scare the scumbags enough to evacuate the Casa Rosada in a helicopter, just like their predecessors, amid chants like “We love you, Menem… in jail!”

You can read more about the planned fun here in the huffity-puffity commie rag.

Thanks to ExFedBob for the link.

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