Yet more ridiculous prices

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Life, Stupidity, Travel
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Diesel fuel costs $36 pesos per liter these days (US$1.69, or $6.42/gallon). The road toll prices were recently also hiked to $55 pesos (US$2.58). So now it costs about US$60 in fuel to drive round-trip from Punta Del Este to Montevideo, with an additional US$10.32 in tolls.

  1. LiesDamnLiesBob says:

    I was missing my daily dose of sarcasm, so I’m glad to see the blog back!

    At 166 miles and 9.3 gallons worth of gas round trip, that works out to 18 mpg, right? Maybe that’s why the locals drive the teeny tiny cars! (Of course, if you were driving a teeny tiny car, your vehicle probably would have fared as poorly as the other lady’s…)

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