How wonderful the internet is

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Life

I’ve been thinking about buying another boat. Of the models I have been keeping an eye on, one entered the market in Turkey. I was able to do this because of the internet. I was able to educate myself on the ins and outs of these boats, seek out and interview their owners past and present, and make an educated decision, because of the internet.

OK, now how much will it cost me to go out there and see it? I can find out, because of the internet.

It seems too expensive for a simple exploratory journey, says I; maybe there is another way.

There is! Or soon I shall find out.

I check Craigslist, and they indeed have a listing for Turkey. So I post an ad in the jobs section for someone to go out and look at the boat, take some detailed photos, maybe some video footage, and send it to me over the internet. The job ad is free.

I get about a dozen responses over the next few days, and I choose the best-sounding offer. I am able to translate the Turkish messages and make sense of them, because of the internet. The guy I choose speaks English, probably in some way assisted or at least improved by practice, because of  the internet. He has a friend who is an avid boater who knows what to look for and who can spot any problems with the boat. He communicates with said friend over the internet, and they arrange to go take a look together.

We email back and forth about more specific details, quickly and efficiently, and settle on a final price and expectations, in a very short timeframe, because of the internet.

I send him half the money up front, via PayPal, which happens instantly, thanks to the internet.

He checks the weather, on the internet, and schedules a good day to go.

He takes photos and video, sends me a summary of the initial findings, and starts uploading the files to a free file transfer service (, thanks to the internet. Within a few hours, all the photos and video are sent from Turkey to Uruguay, all for free over the internet. I send him the other half of his payment, instantly, thanks to the internet. Business has been concluded and a friend has been made, all done across the world instantly. Thanks to the internet.

Not to mention all the other technologies that allowed this to take place: small inexpensive still and video cameras and personal computers.

Sometimes (well, often actually) I get down in the dumps about things but then little enlightening gems like this turn up to brighten my day.

  1. Elwood Nose says:

    Turkey is awesome. Good luck with this!

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